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Re: A&C GTS World site update discussion

Postby cubedcinder » Fri Jun 09, 2017 9:08 pm

This is the last site update post I will make. I'll be posting site update messages to Twitter (@cubedvggts3) only from now on, with the exception of major site news (like if an update needs to be delayed).

A&C GTS World Update: June 9, 2017

- DC Comics: 1 from roodedude
- Disney Giantesses: 1 new page for Attack of the 50 ft. Malina (COMIC from Riadorana)
- Sailor Moon: 4 from Eric Nelson (1 Neptune, 1 Mars, 1 Jupiter, 1 Venus), 1 Mars from TPL8
- Multiple anime/cartoons: 1 from 1994semaj
- Villainous (other): 1 from fooooly
- Agent Aika (other): 1 from VoyagerHawk87
- Kick Buttowski (other): 1 from VoyagerHawk87

- Finished: From 70 Feet of Hair to 70 Feet Tall (BiggerBetterBarbie)
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Re: A&C GTS World site update discussion

Postby jennietodd141 » Mon Jul 24, 2017 9:46 pm

Very useful info, thanks * dragon ball super
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