Valeriano's Biggest Affection(Story)

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Valeriano's Biggest Affection(Story)

Postby LucybonesSquirrel » Sun Jan 27, 2019 8:49 am

FInished writing on this story back in 2018, but kinda forgot about it. Before posting it I decided to double check my story for any spelling/grammar errors, as well as changing certain words here and there.

At this point I think I did a thorough job fixing up the story. If ever I spot any more errors even after posting it here, I won't bother cubed about any further fixes I make, no matter how small or big. The story(along with all the others I submitted over the years) will instead be updated(how often though depends whether I have the time or not) on my GTS stories page:

My fourth Calimero story is almost underway. The plot is half done at most, but I think I'll manage in finishing it at some point.

With that out of the way, here's the teaser for the story:
Calimero and his friends are playing baseball in the park. Valeriano is about to hit the ball until he sees a young girl pass by, and before he knows it he is hit on the head by the ball, making him lose the game. On their way back home Valeriano is still thinking about the girl he saw in the park. The next morning Valeriano is sitting in front of his bedroom window, looking out for the girl. He eventually sees her passing by their building. She waves up to him and calls out his name. After making it out of the building they both greet each other and walks away to a far off place. What Valeriano doesn't know is the girl has a little surprise for him. Meanwhile Rosita can't shake away the thought of Valeriano cheating on her, and decides to teach Valeriano a lesson when he returns again, but not without first showing the other girl he's been with who's the BIGGEST one around.
Valeriano's Biggest
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