Shrunken Calimero

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Shrunken Calimero

Postby LucybonesSquirrel » Mon Oct 09, 2017 10:35 am

Finally got this story done. I've been having a number of rl things happening lately, which led me to delay the stories that I wanted to do. (also, sorry if the teaser seems rushed. I made the mistake of not writing one before I started writing on the story. Seems to happen from time to time, but from now on I'll make sure to always write the teaser first before anything else.)

I double checked to make sure no minor spelling errors are present, and so far I haven't found any. Grammar errors may still linger, but hopefully nothing too serious.

With this story out of my mind, I will be focusing on writing the next one, including the story based on the Demetan Croaker anime (the latter won't have any sort of comedy in it, and it will be very sad in many parts. Any parts that I might start to see as funny later on will likely be edited or rewritten).

Brief teaser:
- While on a walk by himself Calimero finds a strange device that looks like a blaster gun. Curious about it, he takes it to the Green Team's headquarters to show it to his friends. However, Calimero is struck by a beam shot out by the gun when Pierrot pulls the trigger, and over time starts feeling unwell to the point of having to go to bed early. The next morning Calimero wakes up to find himself shrunk on his own bed, leading Priscilla and the others to believe he has mysteriously disappeared.
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