Marsupilami 1993 "King of the Beach"

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Marsupilami 1993 "King of the Beach"

Postby pouklm » Sun Mar 12, 2017 9:46 am

I can't find this episode, I searched everywhere in many languages on internet but I can't find it, please help me
Country of origin: USA
* Episode 1b: King of the Beach
- In the second segment featuring Sebastian the Crab from “The Little Mermaid,” Sebastian feuds with a seagull to reclaim his rightful spit/nest at the beach. At some point, it becomes a misadventure to keep a little girl from hurting herself, or Sebastian in this case. In the end, when the little girl’s safe and sound, her overweight mother rushes to claim her daughter where she unknowingly crushes Sebastian under the full weight of her sandaled foot and embeds him deep in the sand. [BeelzeRider]
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