Shrunk at Minnie's House

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Shrunk at Minnie's House

Postby LucybonesSquirrel » Sun Mar 12, 2017 9:31 am

Announced this story back in august last year, and it took me over 5 months to finish. I actually started writing on the story in october, and put it aside on november. It was a bad choice of mine, because when I decided to tackle this story again in february I found myself struggling to start writing on it. This story will likely serve as a reminder to me that I should stay focused on my work, and to not take any long breaks from it.

Anyway, brief teaser below:

- Mickey Mouse is going to the grocery shop to buy food for himself for the coming weekend. Minnie Mouse is also in the same store, and her shopping bag is so full that several things fall out of it. Mickey sees this and proceeds to bring the dropped things back to Minnie, but during the run he ends up bumping himself into a nearby store shelf, causing it to fall down on him. A little while later Mickey wakes up from his blackout, and is shocked to find himself in the house of Minnie, and being shrunk as well. Despite this he decides to explore around in her house, and from this point on Mickey has little idea of what things will be awaiting him.

This will also be the last story of mine to take place in the Mickey Mouse Works universe, at least as far as the style of humor is concerned. Most of the writing and scenes are also my own work, and no elements were borrowed from any of the original episodes of the show (at least what I'm currently aware of).

I also reviewed the story multiple times (from start to end) to make sure no spelling mistakes or such slipped by. By now there shouldn't really be any, but if I happen to find any more after the story has already been made available on the site, I think I'll just leave it the way it is. It has taken me very long to finish anyway, and I want to start writing on the new stories I currently have on mind.
Shrunk at Minnie's
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Re: Shrunk at Minnie's House

Postby BiggerBetterBarbie » Sun Mar 12, 2017 10:56 pm

Nice story! I just got finished reading it. ^______^
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